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Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Tips 

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Tips 

Keeping your porch furniture in pristine condition by routinely cleaning it cannot be downplayed. The fact is, no one loves reclining on a dust-infested couch or dine at a table that is palpably filled with grime and debris. 

Terrible weather conditions are a major reason why they appear old, dingy, faded, unenticing. Hence, it is of utmost importance to clean them to ensure they look all good and inviting throughout the year. 

When it comes to cleaning your outdoor furniture, the methods are dependent on material type and usage. The Porch Swing Store explores the cleaning tips for each material type. 

First things first…

It is not uncommon to see dust, dirt, and fallen leaves settle on your outdoor furniture left unattended. You can begin the cleaning exercise by using a brush or dry rag to wipe them off. 

With the aid of a garden hose, you can spray down your furniture to discard any stubborn debris. 

How to clean outdoor wood furniture 

Your wooden furniture is as delicate as the other types; thus, using a power washer is not advisable, as it may damage or scar the furniture. The best method for cleaning wooden furniture is to make use of soapy water and a soft brush to smoothly remove every dirt. 

For wicker and painted wood, you’d need a toothbrush to gently clean it. However, this process is often time-draining.

For hardwood like ipe and teak, make use of laundry detergent in small quantities. Brush thoroughly in small sections before wiping it off clean. Leave it to dry when you’re done.

How to clean outdoor metal furniture 

Stainless steel and wrought iron are some of the most commonly-used porch furniture; this is because they have the tendency to last for long periods of time and its ease of maintenance. 

To clean metal, all you need is a mild dish soap poured into a gallon of water and wipe off every dirt using a damp cloth. 

How to clean outdoor fabric furniture

Which fabric furniture such as seat covers and hammock looks beautiful when it is sparkling clean, they get dirty after a short time. Because they are designed by both natural and synthetic products, cleaning them requires special care. 

You should make use of dishwasher soap poured inside warm water to carefully scrub the surface of this furniture. You can also remove the fabric and place it in a washing machine set to gentle. Do not use the machine dryer to air-dry them to avoid damage. 

You should consider applying a water-resistant protector to wear over the furniture when it is clean and dry. 

How to clean outdoor plastic furniture

Plastic furniture, unlike the others, is very easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is spray the surface with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe off the dirt with a wet cloth or sponge. 

If after applying these methods, and the stain doesn’t go away, you can try out the following techniques:

  • If the material is wood, you can surface-sand it to eliminate it. You can repaint after use. 
  • For fabric, you can check with the manufacturer on what to do. 
  • For metal revealing rust, making use of steel wool to remove and repaint. 

Keeping your outdoor spotlessly clean is a major ingredient in ensuring its beauty and longevity. These helpful tips, when applied, will give you the desired results.

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