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Person - Outdoor Games for the Kids to Play at Your Next BBQ

Outdoor Games for the Kids to Play at Your Next BBQ

With BBQ season fast approaching, homeowners are thinking of creative ways to do things a little bit differently at their backyard. BBQ parties are special: it creates an avenue to mingle with old friends and family members, and share happy memories while you watch the kids having fun. 

Except that most times the kids run out of games to play and come running back to disturb the adults. Your backyard is not only your personal oasis but a massive area of possibilities (even if it isn’t that much) for the kids.

So, the next time you’re throwing a BBQ party or a picnic, here is a list of fun outdoor games you can engage them. They’ll be playing out on the yard all day long and thank and love you for it. 

Sack races.

There’s a reason sack races are a classic. They are bound to incite laughter and hearty cheers as you watch them struggle to move from one point of the yard to another. To make it exciting, the adults can show the kids how it is done. 

If you don’t have tomato or potato sacks at home, you can make do with sleeping bags. The more, the merrier. 

Balloon stomp. 

Another outdoor game for kids you should organize at the next BBQ party is balloon stomps. All you have to do is hide small prizes like candies and sweet inside inflated balloons and watch the kids go berserk as they stomp them. 

While this game may last a couple of minutes (if not seconds), it is a wonderful cardio exercise for the kids. 


Bocce is another fun outdoor game for the kids. It’s quite simple: You place a small ball (Pallino) on the grass, and hand out bigger balls to the kids. Each of them will take turns trying to get their ball as close to the Pallino from a designated point.

The kid whose ball is closest to the Pallino wins that round. It is an exciting game that requires skill and strategy to win. 


This classic schoolyard game is exciting if your backyard includes a paved section. Grab a chalk and reanimate those lines. For fun, you can involve the adults to impress the kids. 

If your backyard doesn’t have a paved area, you can purchase garden pavers and do a little DIY hopscotch. 

Flashlight tag. 

If your backyard is really large, a little flashlight tag can’t hurt to try out. When it’s sundown, arm everyone with a flashlight, let everyone move to different parts of the yard to hide. 

Anyone who gets flashed with light is automatically eliminated from the game till a winner remains. 

Treasure hunt. 

Arguably the king of outdoor games for kids during BBQ parties, treasure hunts will get your kids excited as they solve riddles and clues, and explore parts of your backyard for prizes. 

The next time you’re planning a BBQ party, organize these outdoor games for the kids to enjoy themselves.

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