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Light - Outdoor Porch String Lights Ideas

Outdoor Porch String Lights Ideas

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Some of our best memories as kids are tied to those hot summer mornings or balmy evenings where we sit—preferably on porch swing chair—and marvel at the stars with the porch string lights posing a lovely backdrop to it all. 

Who says we can’t recreate those memories with summer just around the corner?

Summer is a period of deep connection, of inviting family members, friends and colleagues to the comfort of your outdoor porch for drinks. What would transform and make these moments more magical is a fitting outdoor porch light to match. 

Not only are front porch string lights budget-friendly accessories, but they also cast a wonderful aura and allure from their hanging positions. Coupled with the fact that your guests will see you as a host who isn’t afraid to reveal his or her summer soul, these porch string lights are a good investment for your outdoor living space. 

 If you’re out of ideas on how to illuminate your porch, The Porch Swing Store has come to the rescue. Below are some of the best outdoor porch string ideas you can set up to transform your outdoor space. 

Hang it beneath the porch roof

If your patio features a roof and some lighting, you must’ve seen that the lighting isn’t enough to illuminate the rest of the porch, or lighting is too harsh for what it is intended for. And that’s why you should make use of porch string lights. You can achieve this by running the string lights back and forth across the shorter length of the porch roof. 

You can choose to only string the lights on the portion of the porch you only want to make use of or run it through the entire porch. However, there are some case scenarios:

  • If your patio roof is sealed underneath, you should make use of metal support cables. You are to mount the metal cables first to the base of the roof and then string the lights along the cable. That way, you’re creating a false ceiling with the lights while the main ceiling still remains.
  • You can string the lights on the sides of the ceiling if it is narrow, transforming your porch with a droop effect. 

String them on your privacy fence or installed posts. 

When the sun sets, all the lovely features propped at the open yard of your apartment is rendered useless. You can change all that with running porch string lights across and around the yard. 

You can string them from the patio roof to your privacy fence and run it continuously till you create envelop of lights hanging in the air. If you have a portion of the yard mapped out for activities, you can string more lights above that section. 

Alternatively, you can string them from your roof to posts if your fence is too far away or too short. You can install them in strategic areas, giving you more creativity.

String them around your outdoor dining area

Eating in the dark is a very unpleasant experience, especially when it is done outside. You can eliminate this embarrassing situation from ever happening by running outdoor porch string lights around the dining area. 

You can string the lights on the wall or fence if the dining area is situated near them. However, the lights should be positioned high enough so it doesn’t get in your face. 

If the dinning section is located elsewhere, you can make use of strategically installed posts to string the lights; such that it covers the entire area. 

You can also choose to complement your lighting with lanterns, candles or other form of accent lighting. 

Run them around your seating/pool areas. 

Perhaps, the most important area of the outdoor yard is the lounging area and poolside. These areas should not be dark for any reason.

Depending on where the lounging area is located in the yard, you can make use of the trees, wall or posts to string the lights to illuminate the section. 

For the pool area, you can get creative by stringing the lights above the pool in a triangular manner or crisscross them for more effect. Whatever the case, the lights should be high enough so it doesn’t get splattered with water from the pool. 

Your open yard needs to come alive this summer. The only way to make that happen is to illuminate the place with outdoor porch string lights and transforming the scenery by purchasing outdoor furniture from The Porch Swing Store.

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