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Recycled plastic picnic tables

These Picnic Tables Will Be Perfect for Your Next Backyard BBQ

There’s nothing better during a beautiful day than a backyard BBQ, whether it’s just you or the entire family. Just the smell of a BBQ will have your neighbors jealous of your get-together and will likely urge them to start planning one of their own.

Backyard BBQs are like dominoes, once one household in the neighborhood has one, everyone else starts to have one. When you do one, however, you want to ensure that you do it right. While a grill and quality food is essential, having a cozy and spacious eating spot is just as important.

Traditionally, you might consider a wooden picnic table because it has that classic look. Today, however, families are starting to go with recycled plastic picnic tables due to their longevity and versatility.

Why go with recycled plastic picnic tables?

Recycled plastic picnic tables are extremely low-maintenance compared to a wooden one. Most dirt and food marks will easily be taken care of with a hose, while other spots might require a brief wipe down. 

In addition to that, recycled plastic is much-more weather-resistant than wood and will last much longer. The only weather that poses a real threat to recycled plastic picnic tables is windy weather and super hot weather.

Of course, you can’t mention recycled plastic furniture without mentioning how eco-friendly it is. For those that care about the environment -- which is everyone, we hope -- recycled plastic picnic tables are great for the environment.

Luxcraft Picnic Tables

There is a wide range of different types of picnic tables you can find, but LuxCraft picnic tables are definitely some of the best. They come in different sizes, colors, and shapes -- including recycled plastic octagon picnic tables.

At The Porch Swing Store, we offer two extremely popular LuxCraft picnic tables that make the perfect eating spot for you and your family when enjoying a backyard BBQ. Let’s take a look at these two designs: 

  1. LuxCraft Rectangular Picnic Table - if you were interested in the classic look, this rectangular picnic table gives you six feet of everything you’re looking for.
  2. LuxCraft Octagon Picnic Table - if you were interested in something more modern and sleek, this is the perfect design. It’s also excellent for larger families.

Furthermore, the octagon picnic table comes with an umbrella hole, with the hole plug included. That gives you even more function during those sunny days when it’s time to eat that delicious BBQ up. 

Other Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

While LuxCraft picnic tables are some of the best, that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones we recommend. We believe Wildridge Heritage picnic tables are just as good. They have similar designs, including the recycled plastic octagon picnic tables and traditional-style picnic tables.

Although they are similar to the LuxCraft ones, let’s take a look at the few differences between them: 

  1. Wildridge Heritage Octagon Picnic Table - instead of having an attached bench on both sides of the picnic table, this one has two detached benches.
  2. Wildridge Heritage Octagon Picnic Table - if you liked the octagon design but wanted more color options, Wildridge Heritage has you covered with 29 different colors.

Now that you have a better idea of which picnic tables look the best and last the longest, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect one for you. A little advice, go with the octagon one if you like the style and have space. If you want to go traditional, select the six-foot rectangular one.

Don’t forget to shop for all the other amazing outdoor furniture at The Porch Swing Store. We have everything you need to give your backyard BBQ some pizzazz this fall!

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