Public Space Porch Swings | A Commercial Patio Project from The Porch – The Porch Swing Store

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Public Space Porch Swings | A Commercial Patio Project from The Porch Swing Store

Public Space Porch Swings | A Commercial Patio Project from The Porch Swing Store

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Are you looking for an effortless and affordable way to improve the outdoor aesthetic of your business? Installing an outdoor patio is an excellent way to build economic, social, and environmental value for your surrounding community. Creating the perfect outdoor getaway for your commercial space has never been easier thanks to The Porch Swing Store! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of outdoor spaces for businesses, a beautiful example of our latest work, and how to get your gorgeous commercial patio.


Benefits of Commercial Outdoor Spaces


The presence of a vibrant business community is key to economic development. Businesses and companies that showcase well-designed, well-built, and well-managed outdoor areas, such as a public space porch swing, naturally draw the eye of the public. Commercial outdoor spaces are associate with higher levels of community life, health and wellness, and the generation of economic activity in surrounding areas. 


This positive attention attracts customers, dedicated employees, and it generates a ripple effect of benefits for the neighboring community. Green public spaces are often cited as the most crucial factors for attracting residents and businesses. What’s more, outdoor spaces are some of the least expensive to create, netting in a high monetary return for your business.


It’s important to note that the benefits of creating outdoor spaces go far beyond generating a monetary gain. Spending time outdoors has plenty of positive benefits for our health. Between working, commuting, and unwinding in front of computers or televisions, most people spend an average of 93% of their days indoors, according to a 2001 study funded by the EPA.


Spending time outdoors can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve creativity, and short-term memory, to name a few! Whether you’re building an outdoor space for your employees, your residents, or your customers, they’ll be thanking you for creating a naturally uplifting environment.


Our Latest Public Space Porch Swing Project


Recently, Jordan had the pleasure of creating a public space porch swing for an elderly couple in Good Samaritan Society - Prairie Creek: a nonprofit retirement/assisted living health care system for the retired owned by Sanford Health, the most extensive nonprofit healthcare system in the United States.


From the first step to the last, Jordan listened to the couple’s needs and wants. He guided them in selecting the furniture pieces that met these needs while standing the test of time. Jordan handpicked two Ohio-based furniture companies known for their sturdiness and quality of detail: Wildridge benches and Arbor stand, and a Luxcraft swing. He was sure to choose furniture colors that would match while complimenting the outdoor space.


The finished result is a beautiful and sturdy porch swing for the couple to enjoy, perfect for sitting in the sun or watching the sunsets together. Mother Nature thought that she’d test the sturdiness of our product with a tornado. The porch swing, arbor stand, and benches all remained unscathed through the natural disaster!


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Are you looking for your own public porch swing? Do you want to create the perfect patio project for your commercial space? Call The Porch Swing store for all of your outdoor furniture needs. We are here to make things easy. We are dedicated to giving you the best customer service and the best prices on our wide selection of products. The Porch Swing Store is based out of Sioux Falls, SD, and we distribute across the United States by FedEx, UPS, and First Class Priority Mail. Contact us with any questions, and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

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