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Plant - Raised Flower Bed Ideas You’ll Love

Raised Flower Bed Ideas You’ll Love

You’ve seen raised flower beds and now you’re wondering how to build a raised flower bed yourself. If you don’t have an ample space or vehicle to haul wood and assemble these garden boxes, it might feel like an out of reach project. It is not! Raised flower beds are widely available online and from garden stores so creating your dream backyard can happen as soon as this weekend. 

Now that you have your raised flower bed boxes, it’s time to choose how you want it to look. You purchased these to elevate your space and make it feel cozier. The options of flowers, shrubs, and trees are nearly endless and it’s normal to feel a bit indecisive. Keep reading for some great raised flower bed ideas so your yard will be looking beautiful in no time. 

The Vegetable Garden

Wanting to stray away from flowers? Get a vertical trellis and add it to the back of the flower bed. Now you can have snap peas, tomatoes, and string beans. They’ll creep up the trellis as they grow. In the front, plant your lettuce, carrots, and herbs. It’s a delicious way to enjoy a raised flower bed. 

The Secret Garden

Looking for truly unique raised flower bed gardening tips? Maybe you’re seeking a more enchanting look in your yard. Add a trellis to the back and plant English Ivy. This plant creeps upwards as it grows. Eventually, your trellises will look like ivy walls. In the flower beds, plant shrubs if you want to stick to low-maintenance plants.

The Flower Power

If spending time outdoors tending the garden is your thing, we recommend filling your raised flower beds with annual and perennial flowers. Salvia flowers grow tall and are a brilliant blue color. This will add more height to your yardscape. The next popular flower you can plant are hydrangeas. These are known for their beautiful pastel colors. They grow in spheres of small flowers and will come back fuller year after year so make sure you plan your space accordingly.

Pinks are a vibrant flower that grow plentifully and have a clove scent. These are great if you want your raised flower bed to have a pop of color. Another option if you’re seeking a colorful gardenscape is the peony. Peonys have a fluffy appearance like carnations and stay in bloom from spring to early summer. 

The Low Sunlight Solution

A beautiful outdoor garden can be yours even if the yard is lacking in sunlight. There are a variety of plants that can be maintained without heavy doses of Vitamin D. Ferns look beautiful and can fill in a space quickly if you want a lot of green. These plants are known for being able to grow in total darkness. Dogwood is another option if you want to have flowers but are concerned about low sunlight. The colors range from white to reddish purple. Finally, impatiens are a colorful flower you can have in low light conditions. This plant doesn’t grow tall, but creeps outwardly so definitely plan for it space-wise. 

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