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The Porch Swing Store For Business

Porch swings may hold the key to a better business

That title may be reaching- but the lesson isn’t. Customer experience reigns supreme in today’s business world. How you treat your customers or clients says just as much, if not more, about your business than your products or services. Porch swings may not be the “next big thing” for selling lawn mowers or hamburgers- but if you are considering buying a porch swing for your business, you’re on the right track.

Value has changed for the consumer

Whether we’re buying or selling, you may have already seen this shift. Every product or service has a baseline expectation of quality. Anything bought and sold must adhere to certain standards set by the government, marketplace, or the people. And now virtually every business is obligated to meet those demands for greater value.

This is the new wind blowing in sales and marketing and it’s picking up steam because it’s making a lot of customers happy. And when customers are happy, business owners are happy. Amazon, internet retail giant, has enjoyed tremendous success on that premise with their free two-day shipping. There is nothing more efficient than free, and their online marketplace offers such an easy and comfortable way to buy things. Competitors are struggling to keep up, and it’s no surprise why.

What does any of this have to do with porch swings?

Porch swings offer only an experience. There’s no piece of the porch swing to take home. There’s no porch swing operator to hire. Buy it, install it, and let it swing. Whether it’s for employees, customers, or the public, you’ve made a deliberate investment in your location- an investment in a better experience.

One of our latest sales, to The Good Samaritan Society, benefits the members of their communities and their families. Porch swings are not a necessary component to what they do- but now there is more comfort in the experience they offer. Comfort, ease, and convenience are easy ways to cater to your customer without breaking the bank.

How does The Porch Swing Store handle customer experience?

We sell porch swings, like thousands of other businesses across America, including some of the largest companies in the world. But we offer value in our process just as much as our products.

  • Our website is designed to simplify finding exactly what you’re looking for. On desktop computers, we’ve provided a chat window to accommodate that search.
  • We offer discounts to businesses looking to populate their apartment complexes, campgrounds, or public spaces with high-quality outdoor furniture.
  • Our newsletter keeps our customers informed on promotions and new additions to our inventory, so they have a reason to stay tuned in after their purchase.
  • We offer financing on larger purchases because investing in your outdoor space shouldn’t break the bank.

A porch swing is just a start but focusing on your customers’ experience is always a lesson worth learning.

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