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The Wide World of DIY Porch Swings- and Why It May Be Worth Leaving Them Alone

The Wide World of DIY Porch Swings- and Why It May Be Worth Leaving Them Alone


When we build something, we love it. There’s something about creating something that attaches us to our creation, and that value cannot be found in a retail item. A lot of people would love to build their own porch swing- there are countless articles and videos available for instruction just a google search away.

But the DIY life isn’t for everyone. The less handy we are, the harder it is to motivate us to build something. That’s why we’ve compiled some great reasons to abandon the DIY jobs and focus on finding something you can love for years to come.

DIY does not always mean cheaper

In many cases, creating something yourself saves you money. If all you need are the raw materials, surely, it’s cheaper to make it yourself. Wrong! For many of the DIY projects we found, The Porch Swing Store offers a comparable product at a similar price. Plus, ours come with warranties, delivery, and expert customer support.

The key here isn’t initial cost- but the total cost of the project. Buying wood, screws, and paint will undoubtedly be cheaper. Many of the DIY instructions we found do not include methods for treating the wood for outdoor weathering OR instructions to find pre-treated wood, or what treatments would suffice.

Saying goodbye to the homemade family porch swing because it couldn’t withstand the elements is an unnecessary- and costly- loss. Getting one you can count on for years may end up saving you money and a headache.

DIY requires a basic level of hardware and expertise

Amateurs can build porch swings. But soon you’ll see you don’t have the right tools or can’t follow the instructions correctly. Now you’re stuck with half a porch swing and not enough will or expertise to see it through.

For anyone already wielding a small carpentry operation, a porch swing could be a breeze. For those without the space, knowledge, or equipment, building one yourself may be a mistake.

DIY does not ensure safety

No one should be afraid of building a porch swing, but amateurs operating saws and sanders must come with some precautions. Not only does your project come with certain risks, your porch swing installation may not be able to support the load that we guarantee to our customers.

If you want something safe that lasts at a great value, I encourage you to start by looking at some of our products. Our LuxCraft porch swings are designed to be comfortable, fashionable, and last for years with warranties to back them up.

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