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Wood - Thinking About A Porch Swing? Here Is Your Guide

Thinking About A Porch Swing? Here Is Your Guide

It comes off as no surprise when homeowners make the move to purchase porch swings for their outdoor living space. Porch swings are nostalgic reminders of our childhood. Thus, it would make perfect to reanimate such memories for your folks when you install a swing on your patio or porch. 

If you’re planning to buy a porch swing, you’ve stumbled on the right blog. We will be providing you with all the everything you need to know about porch swings. 

With several types of swings available, it is important to figure which one suits your home—based on your preference, taste, and the space of your patio. Let’s jump right in. 

Swings with canopies. 

Canopy swings are independent outdoor furniture. They are designed in such a way that they do not need to be hanged from a ceiling or overhead beam. They feature an overhead (canopy) shade, making them a brilliant option for poolside areas, stuccos, homes with vinyl sidings, and sunny patios. These canopy shields occupants from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

For porches that lack sufficient awning, canopy swings are your best bet. Plus, they feature a neo-look, boosting the curb appeal of your home. 

Classic swings

They’re usually the first you think of at the mention of the word ‘porch swing’. Featuring a timeless design, this swing is the right fit for traditional outdoor setting (homes with wood siding), or if you want to have a mix of the old and new at your outdoor space. 

Classic swing comes with side chains that can be hanged from your porch ceiling or overhead structural beam. If your patio or deck doesn’t have a roof, this isn’t the right swing for you. 

These swing chairs usually feature a classic slat back, with some throwing in an x-style backing, delivering an unexpected curb appeal that your family will love.

Porch swing beds 

When you think leisure, think porch swing beds. Hung from the ceiling, it offers an expansive daybed that multiple people can enjoy at the same time. These swings are the perfect options for afternoon naps and bonding with someone special. 

Exotic swings. 

These are uniquely designed swings for the versatile and sophisticated. Most of them feature single-hanging chairs made of cotton. They’re relatively light in weight and can be attached to a ceiling or any low hanging tree available in your yard. 

Albeit, due to its design, it is not weather-proof. During heavy storms, it is bound to receive real damage. Some of these exotic swings feature an egg-shaped design, perfect for chilling under the summer sun. 

Recycled-plastic swings. 

Recycled-plastic swing is the new kid on the block. Manufactured by recycled-plastic, these swings come in different color schemes and styles that can match with any outdoor setting. These swings are not only durable but weatherproof. They are easier to set up and require less maintenance. 

These swing chairs are also perfect for kids, as they do not reveal any sharp edge that may cause harm. 

There you have it. No matter what your choices are for your outdoor living space, there’s a swing chair for you. What are you waiting for? Visit our store and have your pick.

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