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What Swing Size Is Right For You?

What Swing Size Is Right For You?

Porch swings are the crème de la crème of outdoor furniture. Homeowners the world over want to have one swinging gently on their outdoor sanctuaries. Why? Porch swings are timeless pieces that constantly remind us of fond memories of our formative years. It is commonplace to want to reanimate such memories in the present.

On the plus side, there’s no greater feeling than chilling on a swing at your outdoor living space with a cup of coffee as you admire your garden. Porch swings also make reading more relaxing and comfortable as you glide gently.

Porch swings are also perfect for family bonding, as your family members will spend less time inside, conversing, and lounging outside. And whether you opt for a regular swing or a swing bed for your outdoor space, it will definitely boost the curb and patio appeal of your home.

When it comes to choosing the perfect swing for outdoor living spaces, a lot of people often wonder about a size that best suits their porches, patios, and yard. A huge part of determining the size of swings to be installed often relies on personal preferences.

So, what are they?

Family Bonding.

If you’re looking to bond with your family as you lounge outside, the heavy-duty 6-foot porch swing is just the perfect size for you. It has the capacity to carry up to 3 persons at the same time—which is very good for collective relaxation and comfort. It is also sturdy and can last for several years without experiencing any damage.

You can also make use of this type of swing for discussions if friends or colleagues come over to the house. If your home is particularly a meeting ground for discussions within friends and family, you need this type of porch swing on your outdoor swing.

One thing that needs be in place is firm structural support from the ceiling to effectively suspend the swing.


If you’re looking for luxury and comfort, the 4 or 5-foot swing bed is the perfect size for you. While it can sufficiently take one or 2 persons, swing beds are perfect for relaxation either by yourself or with a significant other. With the added cushion along with decorative pillows to match, you can take a refreshing afternoon siesta on the swing and enjoy the nature around you.

This type of swings is available in different and can be totally customizable to match with existing colors, and even if you’re planning to remodel your outdoor space, there are swing beds that mingle with any theme you want for your porch.

Something more personal.

If you’re the only one that will be making use of the swing, you can opt for the 2-foot plastic glider swing. One of the advantages of using this particular swing is that it can be used both in your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

These glider chairs are durable due to its manufacturing material and can provide sufficient comfort and ease for you.

Depending on its purpose and preferences, you can opt for a regular 6-foot swing, swing bed, or a glider swing.

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