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Why Quality Furniture Matters

Finishing with Furnishings that Last


Deciding on the right furniture for your home is just as important as deciding on the home itself. Consider a timeless style that you can enjoy for years to come over trendy furniture. While trendy furniture can still be well built, for your pocketbook you want to purchase something you will not want to replace a few years down the road. It is best to buy quality furniture rather than discounted furniture. You might spend more on it, but you will not need to replace or repair it as often as you would for inexpensive furniture.


How can you tell if you are buying quality furniture?


While some people might think doing research on furniture seems a bit silly, it really isn’t! The majority of people research cars before making a purchase and it should be the same for expensive furniture you will use for a long time. Quality furniture can last longer than a car you researched and bought. Here are some tips on how to tell if you are buying quality furniture:


  • Read reviews about the products and manufacturer
  • If the furniture is light weight it could be cheaply made
  • Check where the furniture is made – buying local (made domestically) can ensure that it is higher quality versus being imported from overseas
  • Handcrafted furniture it is likely to be quality furniture
  • Read what materials are used to make the product
  • Price – high quality furniture will not be at the bottom of the price range


Protecting Your Investment


When buying new high quality furnishings it is important to learn how to take care of them to ensure that they last as long as possible. This might consist of purchasing covers for outdoor furniture to protect them against winter weather or buying other products that will help repair tears, stains or scratches. These ‘extras’ are a small price to pay to keep your furniture looking, feeling and working well for the long haul.


Buying furniture can be expensive. However when you consider the lifetime of the furniture, usually spanning longer than a decade, it is an investment in your quality of life and the lifestyle you choose.

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