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Wooden Swing vs Wooden Glider

Wooden Swing vs Wooden Glider: Which One is Right for You?

When it comes to beautifying and refreshing outdoor living spaces, homeowners are often faced with a problem. Which outdoor furniture should they settle for instead? This often happens when they’ve made up their minds about purchasing a wooden swing for instance, and a member of the family says “Why not get us a glider instead?”

If you’re currently faced with such a problem, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will learn about the two outdoor furniture before making an informed decision on which one to buy for your outdoor space.

What is a Swing?

Everyone knows what a swing is. It is a constant reminder of our happy childhood days. It is typically lengthy suspended mid-air with ropes or metal chains that is hung to the ceiling of the porch. Albeit, some swings can be connected without suspending it to the ceiling. Some of them can be hung on a tree. Some wooden swings come with roofs to protect you from the sunlight as you sit outside.

What is Glider?

A glider is a form of chair that produces a rocking back and forth motion. The main difference between gliders and rockers is that while gliders rock back and forth in a horizontal manner, rockers typically move in an arc.

Then again, the gliders always remain on the ground when it moves, unlike rockers where one part of the base is suspended as it is rocking.

Now that you’re up to speed on what the outdoor furniture is, which of them is perfect for your outdoor space? We’ll be looking at the following factors:


Heavy-duty wooden porch swings are spacious furniture. You’d need a lot of space on your porch or deck before you install this furniture. You’d have to consider the space at the back and front of the swing for smooth movement. You also have to consider the space on either side of the swing for movement where necessary.

On the other hand, gliders do not take space at all when you compare it to swings. If your porch is large enough, you should opt for a swing. Albeit, if your outdoor space is quite small, a glider is most recommended.


When you consider usage, wooden swings win this battle easily. Swings can typically carry 2 persons comfortably. They create the opportunity for family members to connect and bond, sharing casual or intimate moments together.

Gliders are not designed to carry more than a person at the same time. Albeit, if you have a baby, you can opt for a glider, as it would provide a soothing rocking movement for your child.


A porch swing, when installed to the ceiling of your outdoor space, cannot be moved easily to another section of outdoor space, except it is disconnected. However, there are porch swings that can be lifted to different places.

Gliders are both indoor and outdoor furniture, so you can take them inside or outside your home.

Whatever your choices are, The Porch Swing Store has all you need. We have a wide variety of wooden swings and gliders that will make an awesome addition to your outdoor space. Check out our collections now.

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