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Glider vs rocker for baby

What is the Difference Between a Glider and a Rocker? Let’s Find Out

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things you’d ever get to experience. The excitement cannot be rivaled by anything else. Your mind gets to work even as you make moves to set up the baby’s crib.

And while you are filled with excitement, you can’t help but think about not-so-fun moments. How many diapers will the baby use every day? How many times are we going to feed him or her? What if he cries a lot? How do we calm him or her down?

You’re probably thinking about getting furniture that you can use to rock your baby to calm and sleep. The popular ones are rockers and gliders. While they serve the same purpose—providing you comfort while rocking the baby—they are different in many ways. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between them before you can make an informed decision on what you need.

Their uses.

A glider is a furniture that is designed to swing back and forth, consisting of a seat firmly attached to the base of the chair using double rocker linkage. They are typically used as an alternative to a porch swing. It is mostly used for nurseries, as it helps mothers or baby nurses to feed babies while rocking them.

A rocker is a timeless piece of indoor and outdoor furniture that has been very much around for hundreds of years. You’ve probably seen them at grandparent’s country home. It features two-curved bands positioned at the base and connected to the legs of the chair. This makes it rock back and forth smoothly. The rocker is mainly used as a soothing tool, as its rocking motion is meant to provide therapeutic relief for its occupant.

Movement patterns.

Contrary to popular opinions, gliders and rockers do not move the same way. While gliders swing back and forth in a horizontal and smooth manner, rockers typically move in an arc pattern.

If you fancy a gentle soothing motion, you should opt for a glider. Some gliders also come with a swivel base which allows its users to move it sideways without leaving the chair. If you’re going for a classic, traditional setting, the rocker is the best option for you.

Comfort levels.

A glider is typically cushioned with ottomans for you to relax and rest your feet as you move back and forth. On the other hand, rockers do not have ottomans to relax your feet which makes it uncomfortable when your leg is in the air.

You can opt to install cushion pads on rockers, but know that your comfort levels won’t be as high as when you use a glider.


In terms of space, a glider is designed to take a larger space when you compare it with a rocker. If your baby’s room is large, you can opt for a glider.

Whether indoors or outdoors, rockers take less space.


When you factor in the weight of both furniture, a glider has heavier as they are made with a lot of materials. Rockers are typically made with lightweight wood, which makes it easier to move from one point of the house to another.

Material type.

Rockers are typically made with wood which makes it perfect for a home with a traditional setting. Gliders, on the other hand, are made with both wood or recycled plastic which is available in different colors which makes it easier to blend with internal or external décor of your home.

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