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Make house smell clean

Follow These Simple Tips To Make Your House Smell Clean All The Time

There’s nothing better than walking into your home and immediately being met with a fresh, clean smell. It helps confirm that you’re home and helps you get comfortable in your safe space. Of course, any homeowner knows how troubling it is to make house smell clean on a daily basis.

It might not be your favorite thing to hear, but one of the major keys to a clean-smelling home is the constant upkeep of your home. It takes dedication to maintain a home that smells nice, but there are a wide variety of tips that you can utilize along the way.

While keeping your house smelling clean is a chore to most people, we’re going to discuss some of our most important house cleaning tips to maintaining a fresh house -- especially during the spring and in homes with lots of carpet.

General House Cleaning Tips

When keeping your house clean throughout the year, it’s best to get yourself in a routine -- much like you do in the mornings and at work. For most people, it’s best to dedicate one day every week (or two weeks if you live alone) to do a full clean of your house, instead of cleaning one room at a time.

It’s also best to have your own little “caddy” for keeping all your cleaning supplies in one place. We do this with our tools so they’re easy to find when something needs to be repaired, so why not do it with your cleaning supplies?

You’ll also want to ensure you don’t cut any corners or forget anything. You know your house better than anyone, so make a list of all the things you should be cleaning on a consistent basis. Follow that list every time you clean the house and it’ll eventually become a habit.

Spring Cleaning Tips

If you’ve never heard of the term ‘spring cleaning,’ it refers to the practice of doing a deep-and-detailed clean of the home with emphasis on decluttering. It’s mostly practiced in colder climates that finally start to see some sunshine around Spring time after a fierce winter.

Spring cleaning requires you to make some hefty decisions about belongings around the house. You’ll have to look at everything in your home and figure out whether it’s needed anymore or not. As you can likely imagine, spring cleaning is essential to avoiding the onset of hoarding your items.

Work from top to bottom when cleaning the home. Get all those places you wouldn’t think to clean on a normal basis. Wipe down everything and don’t forget about the exterior of the home -- especially after a tough winter. Those are some of the most important spring cleaning tips you’ll need to know.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Finally, we’re going to discuss some important carpet cleaning tips. We all know how smelly a home gets when carpet isn’t properly maintained. Pet hair, spills, and food crumbs combine to create a nasty odor when left to rot.

When cleaning carpet, make sure it’s getting a weekly vacuum to avoid debris and hair buildup. Detailed vacuuming should occur every two or three weeks. Shampooing every month helps the carpet stay fresh.

If you want to take it up a notch, try sprinkling some carpet freshening powder or spray onto the carpet before or after vacuuming. It’ll compliment the air freshener by providing a pleasant smell from below.

Keeping your house organized and finding new ways to make house smell clean aren’t the easiest tasks for homeowners, but they are some of the most rewarding. You’ll feel much more comfortable at home and won’t need to work as hard since you’ll be keeping up with everything constantly.


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