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fall activities for families

Family Activities For Fall That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Fall is slowly creeping on us all. As the season approaches, it is only natural to engage everyone in a little fun time. Let’s admit it; coronavirus did a number on us. All our travel plans came to an abrupt end and we never got to visit those lovely beaches and parks for some fun time with the entire family. But who says you can’t have a fun-filled and fulfilling experience at home with all your loved ones?

Below are some family activities you can engage with your family while you the social distance from others.

Set up a picnic in your backyard.

Instead of reminiscing days when you and your family had picnics at parks and beaches, why not set up one right in your backyard? Everything you need to get started is within reach. You can opt to set up a traditional picnic involving potato chips, sandwiches, fruit salad, and others.

You can order a family-sized pizza for everyone and pack them with drinks inside a large basket. Grab a blanket and spread it out on the lawn. Everyone will take their positions and you all have a great time while soaking in the fresh afternoon air.

Plan a treasure hunt.

Kids love a good old adventure game, so why not indulge them? If your garden is big enough, you and your significant other can set up and hide clues, treats, and prizes inside planters, trees, or beneath benches when your kids aren’t looking.

Then you can draw a map that will show these clues will unlock a treasure for their efforts. They’d be delighted as they move around your house and yard in search of these treasures. At the end of the exercise, you can treat everyone to a lovely dinner and create an opportunity for some good storytelling.

Impress them with some magic tricks.

Now’s the time to show your kids (if you’ve got any) some magic trick up your sleeve. If you aren’t gifted in that department, you can check some YouTube videos and arm yourself with some lovely trick that will elicit amazement from your kids.

Camp outside.

The camp-houses and parks may be closed but if your lawn is big enough, you can set up your camp house there. Get your camping gear from the basement or storeroom and get to work on your lawn.

You can even engage everyone with this particular activity to set up a tent on your lawn. If you’ve got a fire pit, that’s even perfect. If you don’t have any, you can make do with some good old torchlight.

This is an opportunity to teach everyone some camp anthems and scare the kids with horror stories about horrible creatures hiding behind rustling bushes. Just make sure your garden doesn’t rustle for real.

Go bowling on the curb.

Your curb is probably one of the most underutilized outdoor structures. You can take advantage of your curb by setting up a bowling competition amongst your family members.

All you need is some plastic or tin cans arranged on the curb. Get a lightweight ball and get rolling. This is an exciting game that will help improve the aiming skills of your kids.

Decorate a cake together.

Another exciting game the entire family (including toddlers) can be involved with is to decorate a cake. You can either buy or bake a cake yourself and tell everyone that they’d have to decorate it using bowls of sprinkles and smarties.

It doesn’t matter how the cake turns out in the end. The important thing is that you all had fun decorating it.

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