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Capital of west Virginia

Don’t Miss Out On These Places When You Visit West Virginia

If you’re ever on the lookout on which places to visit during the fall season, grab a notepad and write down West Virginia. Located between the Ohio River and the Blue Ridge Mountains, West Virginia is a travel destination hotspot for adventure freaks.

This lovely city is not in a short supply of unique places to see when you do visit. In this article, you will discover all the lovely must-see places in West Virginia.

Visit the Hawks Nest State Park.

The Hawks Nest State Park is a wonderful place to visit when you come to West Virginia. Located in the north of Fayetteville, there are a lot of exciting activities you can engage in while you’re there.

You can choose to go mountain biking or hiking along the interconnected trails that meander into the surrounding forest. You can also take a trip to the park’s aerial gondola. Here, you’d be amazed by the views as the foliage mesmerizes you with its colors.

You can also go on a whitewater rafting trip along the New River. You’re bound to have a great time there.

See Harpers Ferry.

The Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is located at the confluence between the Potomac River and Shenandoah River. This spectacular place has museums and historical sites where you can learn all about the Civil War from the West Virginia perspective.

You can join the other visitors to explore the rocks where the confluence happens. You can also take a walk to St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, a mesmerizing edifice worth visiting.

At this same site, you can take a walk to the Appalachian Trail Visitors Center—a place where you can hike to get spectacular views of the small towns and the rivers.

Don’t forget to see Charles Town.

People often make the mistake of thinking Charles Town and Charleston—the state capital—is the same place. Well, it isn’t. Founded in 1787, Charles Town was named after George Washington’s younger brother, Charles.

While you visit this lovely town, you’re in for a treat. You’re bound to find some of the Washington family’s former homes and farms scattered across the town. Take a trip to the Jefferson County Museum where you can learn about the rich history, culture, and tradition of the natives here. There are several artifacts and exhibits on display that will intrigue you.

From Charles Town, you can explore the wilds inside the Shannondale Springs Wildlife Management Area. The town also includes a casino where you can show your skills and luck on blackjack, slot, and of course, poker.

Visit Charleston.

Another must-see place when you visit West Virginia is the state capital itself, Charleston. Located at the confluence between the Kanawha and the Elk Rivers, Charleston is the biggest city in the whole of West Virginia.

Charleston is a cultural hub; you’re bound to find lovely cafes, bars, and restaurants all over the city as you explore. You can take a trip to the West Virginia State Museum and the Avampato Discovery Museum where you see some lovely artifacts and information about the great city.

See Blackwater Falls State Park.

Another mesmerizing place you should check out when you visit West Virginia is the Blackwater Falls State Park. Located in the Allegheny Mountains on Blackwater Lodge Road, this spectacular fall is a great place to take photographs to allow nature to soak you in its natural delight.

You can also take a walk to the Elakala Falls and the Pendleton falls—great places with amazing views to draw you in.

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