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The Safest Way to Hang a Swing

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The Safest Way to Hang a Swing

A porch swing is a lovely addition to any outdoor living space. Homeowners, constantly searching for creative ways to refresh their outdoor spaces into sanctuaries have begun to see the need to purchase and install a porch swing.

Porch swings come with a lot of benefits. It has been proven that swings help to lower stress levels, heighten focus, make sleeping much better, burn calories, and improve the circulation of blood. More so, swings create the opportunity for family members to bond and share hearty conversations. Thus, the importance of having a swing for your outdoor space cannot be overlooked.

But when it comes to installing the swing, how do you do it safely? That’s the reason for this post. You’d see the various steps involved in ensuring that your swing is hanging safely on your porch or deck.

Choose a swing.

While there are several types of swings available today, it is necessary to choose a swing that perfectly showcases your style and taste. Our store has a wide assortment of porch swings including wooden, steel, or wicker. Click here to check them out.

Choose a spot to install the swing.

Before installing your swing, choosing its location first matters a lot. It is important to check and ensure that the swing has sufficient space for its back and forth movement. It is important to measure and allow at least 4 feet of space to accommodate its horizontal motion.

It is highly recommended to also give 2 feet space on either side of the swing. This will allow you or any member of your family to sufficiently move around it.

Check if there’s structural support.

Porch swings are heavier than they look. And when you combine that with the weight of people that will seat on it, it will be much heavier. It is important to check to see if there’s a beam to support the weight of the swing.

Install screw eyes/eye bolts.

The next step to take is to install screw eyes or eye bolts. These bolts are metal loops that are affixed to the porch ceiling in which the metal chains or ropes are looped into.

For a porch ceiling that is unfinished, locate a joist or beam that can support your swing. Make some measurements and drill holes in them. You can then twist the eye screws into the drilled holes. With the aid of a screwdriver, you can tighten the screws in place. Secure

For a finished porch ceiling, grab a drill bit and drill holes through the beam. Jam the eye bolts and secure the other side with a nut.

Safely secure the swing.

Now that the bolts have been secured in place, pass the metal chain or rope through the front hook of the swing and loop it through the screw eyes drilled in the ceiling. Next is to connect the end of the chain to the backswing hook on the same side of the side.

Repeat the same action with the other side.

Give it a nudge.

With the swing fully connected to the ceiling, give it a little push and look at how it swings. If it glides smoothly, then it is perfect for relaxation.

If you’re looking for the perfect swing for your porch, you’ve come to the right place. We have a large collection of outdoor swing chairs that will refresh and beautify your outdoor living space as you prepare for summer.

Take a look at our collection today.


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