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things to do in lexington ky

A Weekend In Lexington, KY.

Fancy a weekend getaway at a place you haven’t been to any time soon? Lexington Ky should be included in your travel destinations. Lexington is the second-largest city in the whole of Kentucky and notable for being the 60th largest city in the United States. More so, Lexington is known as the ‘Horse capital of the world’. So, if horseracing is one of your favorites, now you have a reason to visit.

Every year, no matter the weather in Lexington Ky, visitors and adventure seekers come to the city to have a swell time there.

Things To Do In Lexington KY.

If you’re planning a weekend getaway in Lexington KY, there’s so many places to see and things to do there. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Visit Keeneland.

Located along Versailles Road, Keeneland is one of the places you should see when you spend a weekend in Lexington. Since its establishment in 1936, Keeneland has built a massive following for hosting some of the best horseracing events in the country.

If you’re in luck, you can catch some of the annual horseracing events being held there. This spectacular expanse of land also hosts practices for horses and jockeys preparing for the one of the biggest horseracing of the state: The Kentucky Derby.

You can take a tour through the facility and see some of the amazing exhibits displayed. And when you’re done, you can go to the sales complex to grab some memorabilia.

The Lexington Visitors Center, Kentucky.

Situated in W Main Street in downtown Lexington, the Lexington Visitors Center is an impressive attraction you should check out when you spend a weekend there. As the name already suggests, this place provides visitors with comprehensive knowledge about Lexington’s proud history, offering a truckload of resource materials to comb through.

The center is also equipped with Visitor Information Specialists who are more than eager to help you answer some pressings questions about the city. On the plus side, the center also offers visual arts to educate guests about the neighboring Bluegrass region. A single visit there will arm you with vital information about the city, and you’d appreciate it more.

Jacobson Park.

A weekend getaway in Lexington isn’t complete without a visit to Jacobson Park. Located in Athens Boonesboro Road, this park is a unique expanse of land filled with so many attractions you may be tempted to extend your weekend stay there.

This park features several playgrounds, basketball courts, volleyball centers, and even a large pond where people can go fish. It also features a fenced dog park where dog owners can keep their dogs to roam free.

If you’re spending the weekend with your family in Lexington, this is one place to visit to enjoy a fun-filled experience.

The Aviation Museum of Kentucky, Lexington.

The Aviation Museum of Kentucky, located along Airport Road, is another attraction to see if you plan on spending a weekend in Lexington. There, visitors can get a close-up experience into how historical and modern airplanes are made and repaired.

The museum also showcases a massive exhibition center where you can see original and replica aircraft that have made history. It also includes a library where you can get information on the amazing history of aviation in the United States and in the world in general.


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