Why We Love Luxcraft

Why We Love Luxcraft

Now that it’s been nearly 2 weeks since my last blog post, and I totally missed embarrassing Jordan on his birthday… #fail?

On a good note though, spring time is finally a thing here in South Dakota!  Seriously, we haven’t ran our heating/cooling for over a week now.  It’s all just open windows and fresh air.


Now that I say that we’ll probably get like 3 feet of snow in April like we did last year.


Today I’m going to brag a little on one of our most popular vendors – Luxcraft.  These guys are awesome.  They are based out of Ohio, and started in 1990 as a couple of people operating out of the corner of a barn.  Fast forward to today, they’ve got a 56,000 square foot shop and employ 47 people.

While they’ve grown so much and have no problem meeting the huge demand that they have, they still have a small business feel to them – which I think is really cool.  For example – they send out a newsletter every month that just says what’s going on with their business and includes a recipe.  In addition – they close their shop for a couple weeks every winter for hunting season.  If that’s not keeping to their roots, I don’t know what is.

In one of my last posts (Dreaming of Porch Swings and Summertime), I loved on my favorite product of theirs – how it was so durable, doesn’t fade or change color, is easy to clean… it’s amazing.  This product was made of Poly – which is mostly recycled plastic.  It’s really good for the environment, it doesn’t deteriorate, extended exposure to the sun has little to no effect on it, and it’s basically maintenance free.  Also, it comes in a ridiculous amount of colors, because why not check every box on your wish list?  Check this out to learn more – just make sure you come back here to order! 😉

They have a huge product line – to name a few:

  • Porch Swings
  • Chairs
  • Gliders
  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Bar Stools
  • Dining Sets
  • Basically, any type of outdoor furniture you’re looking for (and even things you didn’t know existed) – they have it.

So I’ve said how it lasts a long time – I’m serious.  Luxcraft actually offers a lifetime limited warranty on their products.  That’s definitely not something you’ll get from a knockoff brand!

If you have any questions about Luxcraft or any products we have on our website – give us a call (888-767-6875).  Shoot over an email (sales@theporchswingstore.com).  Track us down!  We would love to have a conversation and answer any questions that you might have.  You’ll talk to Jordan, and trust me, he is super easy to talk to and he’ll probably have you laughing by the end of the conversation. 😊

Happy Spring!

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