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Bathroom redesign ideas

Bathroom Redesigns That Look Like A Five Star Hotel

When it comes to bathrooms, everyone wants the best. So, we spend hours on end surfing the internet for inspiration and remodel ideas to implement in our bathrooms. While some of us manage to luckily hit it right the first, most of us don’t. Then again, there’s that little percentage of us that don’t know what to do to redesign their bathroom into those enviable ones situated inside five-star hotels.

Against popular opinions on the matter, bathroom redesigns are not as tasking as most people would think. If you’re here searching for how you’re going to pull it off, you’re just in the right place.

Bathroom redesign ideas

Transforming your bathroom into a five-star hotel’s requires that you embark in the following:

Write down what you need and don’t.

This is the first and perhaps the most important aspect of redesigning and refreshing your bathroom. Since your bathroom is meant to reflect your taste and preference, it is important you do this yourself.

Walk into your bathroom and carefully take your time to inspect everything inside. Grab a notepad and write out what you need and what is evident in the room that you no longer use. Do the small bathroom tiles needs changing? Do you need to replace the showerhead?

You can also write down what is currently in your room that needs replacements or repairs. Put down everything in writing, as it would guide you on which steps you should take to redesign your bathroom.

Put the size of your bathroom into consideration.

While you’re jotting down all you need to redesign your bathroom, it is also important to consider the size of the bathroom. You don’t want to make some purchases only find out that it is not ideal for your bathroom.

If you are planning to install a new accessory inside your bathroom, you need to measure its size and its preferred spot before making the move to order the product.

Declutter your bathroom.

Now that you’ve written what you need to remain in your bathroom, take your time to declutter the entire place. Remove every excess toiletry, soap packets, and accessories taking up space inside.

Remember that less is more and you don’t need too many accessories in your bathroom to make it look like a five-star bathroom.

Stick with one theme.

While purchasing accessories to redesign your bathroom, it is important that you stay true to the same theme throughout. You don’t want your bathroom looking like it jumped out of a horror movie.

Invest in accessories that mingle together for a stylish-looking bathroom.

Of course, paint the bathroom walls.

One of the best ways to redesign and transform your bathroom is to repaint its walls. Colors bring an extra touch of style and when you’re redesigning your bathroom, changing or repainting the colors of the walls will help achieve what you want.

Include storage.

No matter the size of your bathroom, a storage is an efficient accessory you should include in your bathroom.

Change your bathroom tiles.

If your bathroom tiles are now looking old, you should make changes to them. You can replace your small bathroom tiles with larger reflective tiles. This will make your bathroom appear bigger even though it is small in size.

Ensure the fittings are installed by an expert.

When you order new fittings for your bathroom, ensure that they’re all installed by an expert to revamp the beauty of your bathroom. Do not make the mistake of installing them yourself.

Redesigning your bathroom isn’t quite as difficult as it seems. Follow the aforementioned to steps to achieve your 5-star hotel bathroom design.

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