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Scandinavian interior design

Minimalism Tips to Achieve These Scandinavian-Inspired Home Setups

Change, they say, is constant. And while every homeowner is on the move to transform the appearance of their indoor spaces, not all of them can expertly pull off home designs that are still sought after. Because some of these designs never go out of style, homeowners are now seeking to revamp the style of the design of indoor sanctuaries.

While designs such as farmhouse chic, beach house, mid-century modern, and glam home designs are still making the rounds today, there’s another classy home design that homeowners are still pipping about: Scandinavian home designs.

What’s all the fuss about Scandinavian home design?

Scandinavian interior designs (from Norway and Sweden) rose to recognition in the ‘50s and appealed to a lot of people who began to use the design as an inspiration to style their living rooms. Unlike other home designs, Scandinavian home design embodies an accessible-to-all approach, in which people from all works of life can easily implement in their homes.

This unique home design offers timeless beauty, combining simple furniture, modern décor and soft textures and smooth lines to create a spectacular indoor space for you and your family.

Minimalism tips to pull it off

Scandinavian interior designs, beyond the seeming complexity of it all, is very simple to implement. You can follow these minimalist tips below to achieve your dream Scandinavian living room design and much more.

Play with natural light

To be able to pull off the Scandinavian home design, you need to fully utilize the natural that is seeping into your home. Homeowners in Norway and Sweden realized that during the long winter season, there was less daylight. This prompted the use of large white windows and white-colored furniture to enhance the light and space of their homes.

You can still implement this method for your home while adding cozy accents and accessories to create your dream Scandinavian design.

Make use of contrasting colors

While implementing large white windows, you should make good use of contrasting interior colors. Contrasting colors such as black, grey, dark brown, dark blue, or yellow can be used for the interior décor.

These colors, coupled with the natural light, creates an atmosphere that you and your family will love.

Make use of light floors

To punctuate the effects of the natural light, your home (apart from your bathroom) the flooring should feature tiles with a lighter tone.

Incorporate minimalist mod furniture

The best part of any interior home design is the furniture. Scandinavian home designs typically feature minimalistic mod furniture adorning simple lines to blend with the natural light and the cool décor.

It is important to not clog your living or bedrooms with too much furniture that may irritate the eyes. Simple and easy is the way to go with Scandinavian home designs.

Furnish the walls with colorful art pieces

The muted and contrasting wall of typical-styled Scandinavian home design is lined with colorful art pieces that will amp the style of your living room and bedroom. However, the art pieces shouldn’t be too heavy on the eyes.

Install a fireplace

Another addition to achieving the Scandinavian-inspired home design is to feature a fireplace in your room if you don’t have any.

Fireplaces do not only provide warmth during the cold season but add to the charm and beauty of your home. Ensure that your fireplace is at the corner and not the center of your living room space.

Make use of warm wood

One feature of Scandinavian home designs is furniture featuring a warm wood tone. Combined with other features of sepia hues, your home would always have the perfect color.

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