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Use These Colors If You Want To Make Your Space Cozier

Use These Colors If You Want To Make Your Space Cozier

When you’re designing the interior of your new home or apartment, one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make is what colors to utilize. You might not think about it much, but these are colors you’re going to have to stare at every single day, so you better choose ones you like!

In today’s busy world, many new homeowners are choosing to go with warm and cozy colors to help them relax and unwind after a long, busy day. It gives you something to look forward to when coming home and helps take the weight off your shoulders when stepping in your home.

For those that aren’t familiar with their colors, we’re going to discuss exactly what cozy colors are and how you can use them in your bedroom or living room to help you relax no matter where you’re lounging.

What Are Cozy Colors?

Cozy colors, as you can probably imagine, refer to colors that make you feel warm inside. If you were to imagine fall colors, then you’re likely imagining cozy colors -- the reds, oranges, and yellows. Think about the turning of the leaves -- that type of cozy.

More specifically, some of the more popular cozy bedroom colors and cozy living room colors are off-white, beige, mustard yellow, earthy greens, grays, deep reds, and earthy blues. Any of these colors can be used throughout the bedroom or living.

When painting the walls, it’s best to note that lighter and brighter colors help make the room look larger than it really is. Likewise, dark colors help make the room look smaller and compressed.

The best part of interior design is you don’t have to stop at the walls. Most people will automatically think of the paint, but you can also play with colors in other areas of the room like trim, furniture, pillows, curtains, and much more. Most people today will choose to go with lighter colors on the walls and darker colors with everything else.

Cozy Living Room Colors

One of our favorite cozy living room color schemes is going with a greige on the walls -- greige is a mixture between gray and beige -- and making sure it’s more on the lighter side. For your trim and any frames you have on the wall, you’ll want to go with a white.

When choosing your cozy living room colors for the furniture, go with something darker. A dark brown or dark tan color would work really well here. This will give you more of a dull, yet comfortable design.

To make it more lively, you can change the walls to a light sky blue, keep the white trim, and change the furniture to an off-white or make a statement with a deep red.

Cozy Bedroom Colors

Switching over to the bedroom, many people like to go with something a little more bold -- marking their territory in away. This is where you might go with a deep red on the wall, white trim, and limestone-colored furniture.

If you wanted to keep the cozy bedroom colors duller, we would suggest going with a pale blue, white trim, and either white furniture or darker brown furniture. This will help your accent furniture stand out while keeping the overall feel of the room soothing.

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