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Check Out How Arbors Can Give Gardens a Makeover

Check Out How Arbors Can Give Gardens a Makeover

When taking your garden to the next level, a wood arbor can unleash features that you weren’t capable of before. Everything including more space for new plants, shade where you didn’t have it before, a swing or glider to sit down in, or a deck to get married in -- there are so many possibilities when it comes to an arbor!

If you’ve never considered adding a wood arbor to your garden, oh boy do we have some charming and stylish garden arbor ideas for you. Arbors bring so much character, fun, and personality to your garden and are extremely easy to set up in your backyard.

Don’t worry, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about adding a wood arbor to your garden!

What Is a Wood Arbor?

A wood arbor is a large, vertical structure with a partial-roof above it that looks like an arch. It generally stands about 7 feet tall and ranges from 4 feet to 6 feet in width. The wide variety of designs, material finishes, and functions make arbors a huge hit when guests arrive.

Wood arbors do a lot for your garden. Depending on how they’re built, they could make for an excellent place to grow vines or hang plants from. In addition to that, they will help provide some shade for both you and your garden -- so choose the location wisely!

Of course, one of the biggest benefits is the look of it. A wood arbor will completely transform your garden and make it look more complete. It’s every gardener’s dream and can play a huge role in your life as you grow older!

Finding the Perfect Wooden Wedding Arbor

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you’ve likely noticed the wooden wedding arbor the bride and groom stand by. It generally makes for the perfect backdrop for wedding day photos, but could also serve as a backdrop for other occasions -- such as prom photos, graduation photos, and other major life events in your family.

Having one of these put in your backyard, whether you have a garden or not, can bring plenty of joy to your family -- especially when the wedding day comes. Having a wedding in your backyard will not only help you save money but will add to the unique experience your wedding day is supposed to provide.

At The Porch Swing Store, we have a white wooden wedding arbor that would be perfect for that intimate moment. If you have the space for something much larger, you can go with the Jamesport wooden wedding arbor that comes with a deck for a much more comfortable wedding day.

Need Some Garden Arbor Ideas?

If you’re looking to make a wood arbor the center focus of your garden, we have some awesome garden arbor ideas that you can’t pass up.

First, we recommend going with a wood arbor that comes with a deck and swing attached. This will give you a comfortable swing to enjoy a nice glass of lemonade and read a book by. There are even bed swings that can fit a whole mattress if you go with a wood arbor that’s large enough.

Secondly, we recommend swapping out the swing with a glider if you’re looking for something a little more traditional. Gliders are just as comfortable and they still glide back and forth, but they don’t need to hang.

Finally, if you want to get a little exotic, you can go with a hammock. Beware, this is only for those that love to nap and do nothing all day because once you get in, good luck getting out!

You can shop more of our amazing garden arbor ideas and other outdoor furniture at The Porch Swing Store.

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