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Porch swing chain length

How to Measure the Chain for Your Porch Swing

Porch swing makes your ambiance look more beautiful. Not only it looks pretty but gives you comfort while resting or sitting on it. Besides a porch, you can hang a swing anywhere you want, such as trees, deck, or in your room.

When it comes to a porch swing, don’t forget to purchase a stainless steel swing chain for your safety. And if you are using a rope, make sure it is 19 mm thick so it can hold your weight. But you have to check it now and then for signs of wear, such as fraying threads. Hence, it is better to opt for stainless steel swing chain.

How Can You Measure Porch Swing Chain Length?

You can find various chains’ sets in the market to hang your beautiful porch swing. These sets come with all the necessary items for the installation. If your ceiling, deck, or tree is 8 feet tall and you want to hang a swing on it, you will need a 7-foot long chain.

Plus, you need to keep the porch swing at least 17 to 19 inches off the ground to make your swinging experience amusing and joyful. This will give you a perfect height from the ground. When installing the porch, it’s better to ask your friend to hold the swing 19 inches away from the surface to get an accurate result.

How to Hang a Swing Under a Deck?

Follow the steps mentioned below to install your pretty porch swing under a deck successfully.

  • Determine Your Location

You need at least four feet of space in front and behind the porch swing for perfect swinging motion. Check the ceiling joists above your location. You need to install your swing into a structural beam. This step is important to ensure that the location is safe for installing a porch swing. Locating a beam is easier on porches with unfinished ceilings.

  • Mark for Eye Bolts

Measure the middle of your porch swing to get the average width of the space between bolts. Now use this measurement and make two marks along the joist with a pencil. Use a drill for drilling pilot holes to prepare for installation. Make sure the drill is thinner than the eye bolts.

  • Install Eye Bolts

Use your hands to install the eye bolts. You can use a screwdriver to get it into the joist perfectly. Use a 1/2x5” long eye bolt (at minimum). You can use a small amount of oil or soap to lubricate the bolts if required.

  • Attach Threaded Links

Once you successfully install the eye bolts, add a quick link with a threaded opening. You need to attach it to each eye bolt, which will help you to attach the chains. Close it properly by turning the nut manually.

  • Install the Swing

Attach each chain to each threaded link. The general rule is to hang the seat 17-19” off the ground. If you are buying a chain separately instead of a chain kit, make sure it is welded properly for safety measures. Don't forget to keep the swing above the ground, as we already discussed. Also, use stainless steel swing chain so that your chain doesn't get rusty and break after some time.

Bottom Line

Install your new lovely porch swing under a deck following the method mentioned above. Test your swing by giving it a push. If it moves back and forth properly, congratulations, you have hung your swing successfully. I hope you enjoy a comfortable and smooth porch swing experience.

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