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How To Make The Perfect Fire Pit

How To Make The Perfect Fire Pit


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Hanging around a fire pit is the perfect activity to wind down on a relaxing evening. Whether you're looking to spend time with friends, enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other, or make s' mores with the kids, a fire pit is a great way to turn the outdoors into your favorite hangout spot. Learn how to make your backyard an outdoor oasis this summer with The Porch Swing Store's easy guide on how to make the ideal fire pit.

Step One: Prepare Your Backyard

The first step to creating your incredible new firepit is preparing your backyard for the latest addition. Here are a few steps to take before you go gung-ho with your latest passion project:

  1. Measure Your Space: It is crucial to map out where exactly you want your fire pit to go. The measured space should be big enough for not only the pit but also any surrounding decor. It may go without saying, but be sure that the selected space is in a flat area with no steep hills or inclines!
  2. Safety First: Safety should always be your number one priority! The last thing anyone wants is a disaster while roasting marshmallows. The fire pit should be at least a minimum of a 20-foot distance from your house and neighbors' yards. Be sure to check your local fire officials to see if you need any special permits.
  3. Clear Your Surroundings: Be sure to clear all flammable materials away from your planned area. This includes any surrounding vegetation, plants, or stray twigs. Five feet is the suggested minimum. The clearing recommended clear helps prevent an escaped fire from spreading!

As always, safety always comes first! Be sure to learn how to dispose of ash properly, how to put out embers, and set ground rules with your children before lighting your fire for the first time.

Step Two: Gas vs. Wood-Burning Fire Pits

The next step in creating your dream fire pit is to choose what style of fire pit fits your needs. There are two main types of fire pits to choose from, gas or wood-burning. Both come with their unique benefits:

  1. Gas: Most consider gas fire pits to be the modern approach to fire pits. Gas fire pits are environmentally cleaner, smaller, and are easier to use and maintain compared to their classic counterparts. However, gas fire pits are also more expensive to install. It is also important to note these fire pits must have routine maintenance performed on the gas lines for safety.
  2. Wood-Burning: Wood-burning fire pits are the more traditional choice. They are larger than gas fire pits and require more work to maintain. Additionally, there must be readily-available storage for firewood. However, wood-burning fire pits are the cheaper option, making them an excellent choice for newbies. And nothing can beat the relaxing crackle of burning wood or its smoky scent.

The key to creating your perfect fire pit is to weigh your options and know what qualities are most important to you. Creating a list will help you choose what type of pit is right for you or your family!

Step Three: Pick Your Perfect Furniture

Once you've made the tough decisions and you have your new fire pit installed, you are ready for the best part: decorating! Choosing the right outdoor furniture can elevate your fire pit to the best place to spend your summer nights. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Adirondack ChairsOur Adirondack chairs are one of the most comfortable choices for lounging outside by the fire. Because they are larger than lawn chairs, they give your shoulders and arms plenty of room to relax. Regular chairs can strain your back after prolonged sitting. Adirondack chairs evenly distribute your weight while keeping your posture upright. 
  2. Outdoor GlidersGlider chairs are another excellent choice for outdoor fire pit furniture. Most gliders can comfortably seat two people, so get ready to get snuggly by the fireside. You can enjoy the gentle rocking motion of a swing without the swing bar. Kids are sure to love the soft swinging motion as well!
  3. Wicker ChairsWicker chairs are an excellent option for an outdoor fire pit, as it is resistant to all weather! Aesthetically elegant, they are sure to add an elevated sense of comfort and style to your yard. Wicker chairs featuring decorative weave with natural highlights creates the perfect intimate setting for your outdoor living space for years to come.

Whichever outdoor furniture you pick, be sure to buy something durable and weather-resistant!

Talk To The Outdoor Furniture Experts!

At The Porch Swing Store, we're more than just porch swings! We're your experts in all things outdoor furniture. Whether you're looking to create an outdoor oasis or refresh your existing decor, we've got you covered. We are dedicated to giving you the best customer service and answering any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more or visit our online store to take a look at our latest products!


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